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Explore the region where we work with our interactive maps!

The Swahili Coast

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The Spice Islands


[Our favorite beaches]

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The Swahili Coast


Coastal East Africa


[Where Swahili is spoken as a language]

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Capital of Kenya


[Best Mexican food in East Africa]

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Mt. Kilimanjaro


Africa’s Highest Peak


[There’s snow here!]

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Our Natural Leather is Sourced Here


[From pastoralist peoples]

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The Serengeti


An Immense Grassland and The Site of The Annual “Great Migration” of Wildebeest


[Set of the Lion King]

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Ngorongoro Crater


An Ancient Caldera


[The World’s Largest]

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Dar Es Salaam


The Economic Hub of Tanzania


[Founders Caroline & Tony lived here!]

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