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Frequently Asked questions

We offer our sandals in whole sizes 6-11. If you are between sizes, we recommend sizing up!

Sandals – Our sandals are crafted from all-natural Tanzanian leather sourced from pastoralist people local to our cooperative. The mid-soles are constructed from a comfortable microfoam that molds to the shape of your foot while the soles are constructed from sustainable rubber. The beads are high-quality Czech or Japanese beads, which are stitched to the sandals with a monofilament fishing line. Contrary to popular belief, the seed beads used in traditional African crafts are most-often sourced from Europe or Asia.

Beaded Leather Cuffs – Our Beaded Leather Cuffs are crafted using the same technique and materials as our sandals, with a soft suede lining for comfort.

Brass Jewelry – Our brass Kenya Collection jewelry is crafted from recycled brass with accents of ethically-sourced horn and bone.

Kenyan Towels – Our Kenyan Towels are crafted from a traditional cloth called kikoy, which is ordinarily worn as a sarong by fishermen along the Kenyan coast. We add a microfiber, quick-dry toweling to the interior, along with a velcro pocket.

Sandals – Our sandals are very durable and will have a short break-in period, as is the case with all leather footwear. While we do not recommend fully saturating them for extended periods of time, they are fine to get damp at the beach, provided you give them a good toweling off before calling it a day. If you purchased a pair of sandals with metallic beads, their sheen will diminish with repeated exposure to salt water.

Beaded Leather Cuffs – We do not recommend fully saturating our Beaded Leather Cuffs for extended periods of time, but they are fine to get wet with hand-washing, a trip to the beach, etc. If the button closure comes loose, this can be tightened with a flat-head screwdriver. If you lose the button closure (not a common occurrence), please contact our customer service team! Our cuffs are beaded using a non-elastic monofilament fishing line that does not stretch. Please do not attempt to bend your bracelet to a flat shape after repeated use, it can cause breakage.

Brass Jewelry – Our brass Kenya Collection jewelry can be polished with a regular brass polishing cloth (available at most jewelry stores and major retailers).

Kenyan Towels – Our Kenyan Towels are machine washable! They can be cold-water machine washed and machine dried. We only recommend that you do not wash them with any items that have a hooked clasp, such as a bra or dress, as it may catch on the fringe.

We will accept returns on any unworn/unused items in their original packaging in exchange for a refund or store credit within 14 days. We will gladly provide an exchange if you need another size or would like a different product style.

If you experience any issues with your goods, please reach out to our customer service team and we will be happy to come up with a solution!

Yes! There may be small variations between items. This is the nature of handmade, artisan craftsmanship – each product is ever so slightly unique! What never wavers is the quality of our partner artisans’ work.

Let us know what you had in mind! If your sorority, club, or cause is interested in custom colors or designs, we are happy to accommodate!

If you are interested in supporting the cooperative, you may make a donation to our sister non-profit, the East Africa Cooperative Development Group here.

While all of our practices exceed Fair Trade Certification requirements, we are not currently certified as the process is currently outside of our financial capacity. We would love to become certified in the future!

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