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Empowered Women, Empower Women

"All I can say is keep on supporting us. I'll use this opportunity to lift the lives of other people from the region."- H. [partner artisan]

Happy International Women’s Day! Today is a day of huge importance at Swahili Coast.

Of all the challenges we’re working to solve, we’re hugely passionate about lifting women out of poverty by including them as workforce leaders. 

In the past, development has largely been facilitated by men. In fact, even today only 50% of women participate in the labor market versus 77% of men. Additionally, “Women make up 70% of the world’s working hours and earn only 10% of the world’s income and half of what men earn.” 

We think those statistics are ready for some major change!

80% of our co-op members are dedicated women who are now able to care for their families, send their children to school, and continue working hard for their communities, culture, and country. This model of inclusion is one that is evidence-based and happily trending in the international development conversation.

International aid agencies are now recognizing that working directly with women has an increased marginal value as compared to working directly with men. Take a peek at this World Bank study for more information!

Our co-founder, Tony Peele, says it best: “Our work in Tanzania provides a stable income for women as breadwinners – normalizing women as successful wage earners, managers and owners within a growing company that does business in global markets.”

So why women?

When we empower women, we enable an entire half of the population that has been historically silenced. Their children and families thrive, their communities flourish, and local economies are given the opportunity to grow. That’s something worth investing in.

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